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About Lansinoh Laboratories Inc.

Lansinoh is a global leader in breastfeeding solutions and support headquartered in the USA. For more than 35 years, they have been committed to the health and well-being of mothers and babies around the world. As a next step they have now set ambitious targets that address the company’s sustainability efforts. Lansinoh is committed to a sustainability program that is based on scientific research and that complies with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short.

Lansinoh has set science-based emissions reduction targets across the entire value chain. These commitments align to the Paris agreement, which strives to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. These goals have been evaluated and validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative. In addition, the company’s goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. A first step towards that goal is to achieve climate neutrality with selected products from the Lansinoh product portfolio.

Compensation project Access to Safe Water Cambodia

To date no Ceramic Water Purifier programs have been commercially viable in Cambodia. With the assistance of carbon finance, this project can be economically sustainable and provide a significant improvement in public health and household welfare. This project will provide access to adequate levels of clean drinking water to an estimated 1.7 million people across 312,000 households over 7 years. This project directly addresses several of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including goal 4 and 7, and especially to halve, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. It also integrates the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs and reverses the loss of environmental resources; reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating disease and ensuring environmental sustainability.

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