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For around 40 years, Beta Systems has been developing high-quality software products and solutions for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data, which support companies with complex IT structures in the automation, protection and traceability of their IT-supported business processes. Companies and organisations that, due to their size and business activities, process large volumes of sensitive data and documents in business-critical business processes benefit from these solutions.

The core business is the development of software and the sale of user authorisations (licences) for software solutions as well as the provision of associated services. In addition to maintenance and support, this also includes services such as installation, project management, consulting and training. Beta Systems supports its customers in the optimisation, automation and digitalisation of business processes with a comprehensive range of products, solutions and consulting services to meet legal and business requirements.


Subject of the Carbon Neutrality

Offsetting unavoidable emissions for the 2021 Corporate Carbon Footprint of Beta Systems Software AG

Reduction Measures

Beta Systems has set up a carbon management plan till 2030 to reduce its carbon intensity footprint and to demonstrate commitment to being carbon neutral in accordance with PAS 2060:2014. The Table 5 in the QES report shows the goals and corresponding action plan.

My Son Solar in Vietnam

Compensation Project

The Context:
As modern industrialisation grows in Vietnam, so do its energy demands. Although leading the charge in Southeast Asia’s transition to renewables, the country is unable to keep up with steep energy needs and electricity shortages are frequent. It is imperative that the country uses clean, renewable energy to power its development, rather than relying on fossil fuel-based power which is destroying the Earth’s atmosphere with harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The Project:
The project combats the use of fossil fuels by installing a solar energy plant in the Ninh Thuan province, just northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. With the help of solar panels converting endless energy from the beating sun into sustainable electricity, the plant generates over 77,000 MWh of clean energy which is directly sent to the national grid.

The Benefits:
This project reduces Vietnam’s reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources, displacing fossil fuels and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It drives Vietnam toward growth and economic development, fulfilled by green and reliable power. It also boosts local economies and curbs poverty, by creating training and stable and well-paid employment for local workers.

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Verified Carbon Units compensated


Sustainable Development Goals

The project described here supports the following SDGs. For more information visit the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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